Thought police strikes

Foster parents have kids removed because they are members of UKIP

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Simple membership in a legal political party has been ruled as grounds to remove foster children from their carers, where they, to all intents and purposes, were happy.

The council regards UKIP as a racist organization simply because of its stance on the EU and on immigration.

It would appear that being against the European Union and supporting a reduction in immigration into the UK, which, after all, is an island and there is only that much space, is no a reason for being disbarred from being a foster parent. Soon, I would not be surprised, membership of this or that party or religious group, will also be a reason for having one's own children removed.

We are getting into serious deep water when we start going down this kind of slippery slope and on another level the UK is just about beginning to go down an even slippery one as it is being considered to curb the freedom of the press. But that shall be a different matter.

The thought police definitely seems to have arrived, in the UK for certain, and it is up to the people too put a stop to that.

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