Blind upon the right eye

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

The German security apparatus is not simply incompetent when it comes to Neo-Nazis such as the National Socialist Underground and even the NPD, but blind upon the right eye.

This is to say that many law enfarcement agencies of the country actively allow the Nazis to get away, literally, with murder. Murders which are then blamed on other groups and ethnicities.

German police and security agencies seem to, despite their denial, operate hand-in-glove with those Neo-Nazi groups.

But then again this is not surprising considering that the agencies were founded with (former) Nazis at their head and in their ranks. In fact, the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), the German Secret Service, is the successor of the Gehlen Organization, created by the American and British in post-WWII Germany against the Soviet Zone.

The Gehlen Organization, which was to become the BND, was, however, not the only security apparatus of West Germany that was full of former Nazis. The police forces in most areas were too, including the federal CID at Karlsruhe.

To this very day most agencies of the German security apparatus are still blind upon the right eye and they actively aid and abet Neo-Nazi groups, especially if they can be seen as useful to them.

The Constitution is always pushed forward as the reason that the government and the agencies are unable to act against those groups, especially the so-called political parties but, when it comes to organizations from the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) they were quite able to ban them, such as the Young Pioneers, the Free German Youth and others.

The right eye definitely is blind in German politics and not just in politics. While many people do not want to have that to be the truth a great many Germans, if not openly then in secret, still are Nazis at heart and that includes not just the old and the young.

There may be something – dare I say this – in the psyche of the great majority of Germans that causes this to be the case and one can but wonder in which way the doctrines of Hitler and the Nazi party can have survived till this very day and apparently are getting stronger again.

It is also strange that a great number – the majority to some extent – of Neo-Nazi extremists appear to be from what was socialist East Germany, where they grew up with many of the reminders of what the Nazis caused.

On the other hand the fake socialism that was created under Honecker was so close to the things that were done in Nazi Germany that it may have been a trigger.

On the other hand it is not just Germany that suffers this affliction of the visual organs. Many other European Union member states also seems to be afflicted in this way, and here also and especially many of the countries that once were in the Soviet sphere of influence, such as the Czech Republic and Slovakia (former CSSR), Hungary and others.

We must be watchful at all times to combat the rising menace of Fascism in Europe again.

© 2012