No income tax in America before 1913

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Up until the year 1913 Americans kept all their earnings and were not forced to pay tithes to the government.

Despite of this fact of no part of the people's incomes going to the state and federal government there still were roads, schools, colleges, vast railroads, streets, subways, the Army, the Navy and the Marine Corps, who, surprisingly, without such funding, went on to win eight wars.

So why precisely then is (federal) income tax necessary? It is not needed to fund any of those projects. They existed before and worked.

If you just remotely know your American history then you will also know what happened in 1913. It was the year when the Federal Reserve was established with is neither federal and has but dubious reserves.

It was that year when the United States and all its citizens became slaves to a Bank which is wholly owned by a group of people that have a certain ethnicity in common and it was the same people to which the British crown became a debtor.

However, according to the US laws, in theory, the majority of Americans are not obliged to pay the IRS anything. The Federal Income Tax is, to all intents and purposes, only applicable to those who live in the corporation that is the District of Columbia (it is not a federal state) and employees of the US government, including military personnel.

However, while that may be the theory the practice is a different one for anyone who dares to withhold the tithes from the IRS will soon have government agents outside the door and be arrested.

So, once again it is more than obvious that the laws, as they stand, apparently can be interpreted in any way that the government(s) wish to. Without having announced it they seem to have suspended the Constitution of the USA and also the rights of people in most of our so-called free and democratic countries.

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