Junge Freiheit: A very sophisticated right-wing paper in Germany

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Junge Freiheit, which translated would mean “Young Freedom”, is a relatively new German weekly newspaper, in print and with a strong online presence, that in a very sophisticated way hide the fact that it is part of the neo-Nazi scene.

Gone are the rhetorics and the skinhead haircuts. Suits and panache are in.

It is those kind of right-wing people and old and new Nazis that I have been warning people about for years and years. Everyone, however, believed that they would remain easy to spot, with their skinheads and their military boots, etc.

However, the ones that have always been in the background of this have always worn suits, at least ever since the Third Reich, and many are and have been very high up in German political circles, as well in those circles in other European, and especially European Union, countries.

Deliberately sounding somewhat like “Junge Welt” (Young World), the weekly of the socialist scene and originally the newspaper, if I am not mistaken, of the Freie Deutsche Jugend (Free German Youth) of the German Democratic Republic, the “Junge Freiheit” attempts to lead people astray to believe that it is about freedom and democracy. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Recently articles appeared in that paper (which could also be read freely online, about the German version of Veterans Day, as it would be in the US, or Armistice Day/Memorial Sunday, as it would be in the UK, where the old Nazi term of “Hero Memorial Day” was reinstated and where the demand was made, basically, to call it thus again nationally.

Anyone who had any belief that these people do not want to lead Germany (and maybe the entire EU) back to the dark ages of the Third Reich should reconsider this.

We are living in dangerous times, and not just the Romani People, who are already becoming the victims of Nazi pogroms in many EU member state, such as in Hungary and also in the Czech and Slovak lands. Non-Germans and Jews too need be aware for while presently they only seem to come for the Gypsy predominately they will not stop there.

At a gathering no so long ago of the suited neo-Nazis many a prominent figure of German politics and industry was present in support of the new groupings, including the “Junge Freiheit” newspaper.

While there are some Germans who have learned from the history of the Third Reich the great majority of them do still seem to think, even though they may not say so publicly – at least not at this time – that Hitler was right and that they need another Fuehrer. They will be quite prepared to say exactly that when they believe to be with people of a similar line of thought.

And it is not just Germans, and especially, amazingly, those from what was the German Democratic Republic, aka East Germany, but also Hungarians, Poles, Czech, Slovaks and others. A worrying trend indeed. And also in those other countries, much like Germany, there are many of those that are leaders in politics and industry, the military, the law, and others, that are of that persuasion.

All freedom loving people must beware of the wolf in sheep's clothing or, in this case, the Nazi in an Armani suit.

© 2012