Cuddly toy tops list of most treasured Christmas presents

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

With Christmas fast approaching most people will be beginning to think about Christmas presents and what to buy, particularly for children. Finding the perfect present under the tree can be a magical moment and a recent survey has found that 39% of people have kept a Christmas present they received as a child.

The survey also found that, amongst those who received Christmas presents as a child,a cuddly toy or teddy bear topped the list of most treasured presents with over a quarter (28%) of people listing it.
Top most treasured presents received:

  • A teddy bear or cuddly toy (28%)

  • A bike, rollerblades, scooter, skateboard or BMX (23%)

  • A board game or jigsaw (20%)

  • Lego and Duplo (17%)

  • A doll (17%)

  • Scalextric or train set (17%)

  • An electrical device such as a Walkman, first mobile or PC (13%)

  • A game console such as a Wii or Gameboy or computer games (12%)

  • An action figure such as Action Man (9%)

  • A collectible figure set such as Care Bears, Star Wars or My Little Pony (9%)

  • A doll’s house (9%)

It is indeed a fact that cuddly toys, whether teddy bears or others, often are being kept not just during childhood years but at least one of them, if not most, are kept into adulthood and the memories associated with that gift too remains alive in many cases.

High-tech presents, whether for Christmas or other occassions, are not valued as much and for as long as are the likes of cuddly toys and others that are more of the old-fashioned kind.

Amongst some children, I was one of them, aside from the teddy and such the pocketknife that I got one year was something that was treasured and it still is with me to this very day, though no longer in use but in my treasure chest of things that make up my past, so to speak.

I had, in fact, believed that that particular old penknife had gotten lost and great was the joy when it was found again in a box of old things.

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