Which way the wheel for you?

Which way will you spin the water bottle?

By Michael Smith (Veshengro)

spin-the-water-bottle-cartoon_sml While you have to spin this wheel in your mind as it is just a picture which way is it going for you? Where is your plastic water or soda bottle going to end up?

The conscious choice must be the one in the light blue corner, the “don't buy” one for that is the only way to avoid this plastic thing causing the Planet grief.

Also, as far as water is concerned, bottled water is a luxury that we in the developed country who have good municipal water should do without as much as possible.

Yes, there are occasions when you need to have some water and buying a bottle is the only option as the public water fountains of old are, in the main, no more. If you do have to buy a plastic bottle (of water) then ensure that you dispose of it properly so that at least it does not end up as litter in the countryside and, finally, in the great garbage patches in the world's oceans.

While there are now compostable bottles about even they take a long time to break down in the environment and even in a domestic compost heap; they are but intended for commercial composting facilities where lots of heat is being generated.

Therefore think before you buy and definitely ensure the bottle, if you have to buy, goes the proper route to its final resting place.

Spin the wheel...

© 2011