New HQs for the EU in Brussels and Luxembourg

By Michael Smith (Veshengro)

At the same time when the European Union and the Commission are telling everyone to make deep cuts in government spending, etc., they are going to spend £ 850 million on a new HQ in Luxembourg.

In addition to that on the very time they were holding an “austerity” summit in Brussels recently EU chiefs were also drooling over the plans for a new luxury £280million HQ in Brussels.

So, we are talking about two buildings that will cost, together well over one thousand million pounds Sterling, which equals the best bar of two thousand million Euro. Sorry, but are they mad?

Countries are forced to instigate austerity measures while, at the same time, the European Union bodies want new headquarter buildings in both Brussels and Luxembourg, to which all member states will be forced to contribute. I just hope that David Cameron will have the mental and political strength to say no to any request for money for that folly.

The European Union and its controlling bodies, the Council of Europe and the European Commission, are eating funds by the ton and no one seems prepared to put a stop to that. At the same time it is them that tell the countries of the EU to tighten their belts and to instigate austerity measures. The only one who do no reign in their spending are those EU bodies; they carry on regardless. This must be stopped.

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