Not our problem that parents can't say no, says McDonald's

By Michael Smith (Veshengro)

To be honest, the company may be right... it is not their fault if parents cannot say NO...

A Californian parent, according to certain sources, has filed a lawsuit against McDonald's, alleging that the company violates state laws by using toys to advertise Happy Meals directly to children. The plaintiff pointed out that her childrens' request for a Happy Meal increased when McDonald's offered Shrek themed toys in the meals.

“Children 8 years old and younger do not have the cognitive skills and the developmental maturity to understand the persuasive intent of marketing and advertising,” her lawyers wrote.

McDonald's believes the lawsuit should be thrown out because it isn't their fault that parents are unable to say no to their children. They say that their advertising has in no way misled the parent.

Advertising on TV obviously influences the kids and especially with McD's having toys that are always coming out in conjunction with major movie releases or such like. At times the toys can be educational, I do grant them that, but at other times they are a waste of resources, put simply.

Kids are constantly inundated with advertising, so it is better that you teach them about it, as well as teaching them about good nutrition. But the fact is, McDonald's is recognized around the world as a family restaurant, and children are a huge part of their market and so they advertise to them. If you don't want them to go, just say no. It's part of the job of being a parent.

That is putting aside the fact that the stuff is NOT food and calling the places restaurants is really pushing it. The burgers have no more nutrition, or at least so it would seem, than a damp piece of cardboard, and that is what they appear to be in the first place. The stuff, especially the fried, is also addictive due to the use of some ingredients such as and especially HFCS.

Time parents learned to say no to McDonald’s and that, maybe, just maybe, we all boycotted the outfit.

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