BiogenGreenfinch food waste plant gets green light in Hertfordshire

By Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Food_waste BiogenGreenfinch has, finally, been granted planning permission for an anaerobic digestion (AD) plant near Baldock, Hertfordshire, and one can but wonder what is taking things always so long in Britain.

The 45,000 tonne per year facility will process food waste from retailers, manufacturers and households to produce renewable electricity for up to 3,600 homes and a bio-fertiliser for nearby farmland.

BiogenGreenfinch and the owners of the farm, Wallington Farms have worked closely to plan for the use of the biofertiliser on local crops.

CEO Richard Barker said, “The anaerobic digestion plant will be built at an excellent strategic location near to the A1. We look forward to working with local food waste producers on this exciting project.”

Anaerobic digestion, creating methane gas, the same, basically, as so-called “natural” gas that we heat and cook with at present, using waste food (and waste farm products could also be used here) is one of the best ideas around and it has been around for some time already.

Every landfill releases this gas, methane, which is GHG many times more powerful than CO2 and still we um and ah about in government and do very little about it.

One can but guess that there are not enough brown envelopes about in the renewables industry as there are in the fossil fuel industry.

Finally, thank G-d, Britain is also getting anaerobic digestion plants as are alsready very common in other EU countries, especially in Germany.

Britain used to be the innovator in things but now this country seems to be always lagging behind because it is either NIMBYs that get their way – aided by big industry (proof of that was the issue with a wind farm in Berkshire where the local lobby group had so much money to throw about that it was obvious whence it had come) – or just simply by government insisting on pilot project rather than going to a country where such things work and learn there.

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