The resignation of Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali was a victory for Islamism

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

When, in March 2009, the then Bishop of Rochester, the Rt, Rev. Michael Nazir-Ali resigned as a Bishop amidst death threats from Muslim extremists in the UK it was a total victory for Islamism. And we allow this to continue day in day out when we – by government decree, it would seem, almost – we kowtow to the Islamists at so many occasions.

I only heard recently of this great loss not only to the Anglican Communion in Britain and worldwide but to the British society as a whole. Bishop Nazir-Ali was never afraid to speak his mind, until Muslim extremists threatened his family.

The feasts of Christmas and of Easter could offend them so it is now Happy Holidays and Happy Spring Festival. That is how far we have come in this country and how far we have been emasculated by those that are not even real and true Muslims but an abomination on the eyes of Allah.

The loss of, if only by resignation, of the Rt, Rev. Michael Nazir-Ali, means that the Anglican and Catholic Churches in Britain no longer have a single bishop who grasps the extent of the threat of Islam to civil society.

One may not have always agreed with Bishop Nazir-Ali on all grounds, but he was the only Bishop who not only understands the true incompatibility of Sharia law with our ancient common law, but also followed in great detail the incremental changes to the public sector in order to accommodate Islamic religious demands.

Bishop Nazir-Ali was the only Church of England bishop who understood the full implications of domestic Sharia was also the only one properly alarmed by it. Nor is it surprising that he found it impossible to exercise his office under the leadership of an Archbishop of Canterbury who, shamefully, wishes to afford greater state recognition to Sharia.

How depressing. But the Muslim Council of Britain will be pleased, that’s for sure.

We, the people of this country, must stand up and demand from our elected politicians, if they have any balls – and here the women are as much called upon as those that supposedly have the proverbial ones – that they stand up to the demands of the Muslims and point out to them, as did the former Prime-Minister of Australia, John Howard, who told them what is what in no uncertain terms.

The same as what PM Howard of Australia said then also applied to the UK. This country was founded on Christian principles and the Muslims came here as guests and refugees and even though some may have been born here that still makes no difference.

Britain is a Christian country, to all intents and purposes, and that's how we like to leave it.

If you want to live under Sharia Law then I am sure someone in this country, if you do not have the funds, would be happy to pay your fare to go to such a country where Sharia Law is practiced.

On the other hand, if you want to remain in Britain then you accept our ways and that is it, period.

You have the freedom to practice your religion, in the same way as Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, and others have, as long as its practices do not fall foul of the laws of the country. If they do then the law of the realm applies and not some religious law, period.

Your choice. And it is the British people's choice as to whether they want further encroachment of Muslim laws and such into our common law society.

© 2010