New, easy to understand book on Peak Oil and a world after the Oil Age

Epsom, Surrey, UK, July 2010: In “The End of Oil”, published in July 2010 by Tatchipen Media, the Romani Publishing & Media Company, the author, Michael Smith (Veshengro), points out the facts of the (cheap) oil running out and to what a world after the Oil Age might be like, in an easy manner.

This 70-page book in A4 format is written with the layperson in mind enabling him or her to understand the serious issue of Peak Oil and the implications of a post Oil Age world.

In an easy essay style of writing the author is trying to communicate to the reader the gravity of the situation that we all are in without bamboozling him or her with lots of scientific and pseudo scientific facts and the author also has not attempted to reinvent the wheel by repeating what has been said by other writers so many times.

The fact is that the world is running out of oil and while this may mean immense changes for all of us and the way that we live it is very good for the environment and the Planet.

The book “The End of Oil” is available as an E-book or printed-on-demand and in order to keep down the costs for printing and binding the work is done in-house in an A4 “report” format. However, shipping is very high worldwide and thus making the printed copy expensive compared to the E-book.

The publishers and the author would like to encourage readers, therefore, to purchase the E-book and then, if they so wish, print and bind the book into a physical one themselves so as to reduce the impact of this book on the environment.

The age of oil, of cheap oil to begin with, and other cheap fossil fuels, is coming to an end and just like the Stone Age and the Bronze Age, the Oil Age will be remembered as part of history some day – if Climate Change, which is due much to the way we have used and are using fossil fuels, does not end everything first.

With “The End of Oil” the author is issuing a “wake up call” and is trying to help the reader make the transition to a world without oil which, though different, will be better for all concerned.

The book is available for purchase via “The End of Oil” website using PayPal. E-book will be dispatched via email immediately upon receipt of funds and notification from PayPal; printed copies require a minimum of 28 days for delivery.

The author of “The End of Oil” is Romani-Gypsy of origin and has written extensively on such diverse issues as green living, general and green politics, homesteading, recycling, Romani affairs and politics. He lives in Epsom, Surrey, England.

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