Ecomodo – a new Green community concept

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

We have Freecycle and breakaways from that world-wide organization, including Freegle, but Ecomodo ( is in a different league altogether.

Unlike all those others, and many other names besides the mentioned ones exist, whose concept is of giving things away free via a network, a community, Ecomodo is, basically, a lending bank that uses the community involved as a “tool shed”, as it is the members that lend to other members, and it is not just tools.

Ecomodo is an online marketplace that lets you lend and borrow each other’s everyday objects, skills and spaces with confidence. You can lend for free, for a fee or for charity and Ecomodo facilitates the transaction to make good returns for all.

By lending out your assets, Ecomodo can help you make money for yourself; raise money for a good cause and feel good by helping out a friend or neighbor. By borrowing instead of buying, Ecomodo saves you money, time and space.

Imagine the sheds, lofts, cupboards of all your neighbors, friends, and colleagues, all opened up for you to use. Think about what is in your cupboard.

Ecomodo wants everyone to maximize the utility of their assets, to reduce the need for wasteful purchases and to get more out of what we already collectively own. It is a reality that we live in a consumer driven society. Our aim is to create a society of socially responsible consumers whilst preserving your quality of life. Ecomodo, with your help, can do this.

Whether you are an individual, a charity, a community group, school or other public or private organisation, Ecomodo can help you enrich your community.

Pooling your resources gives everyone around you the chance to live a rich life and try new things with minimal financial and environmental impact. Create a lending circle for your community, pool your resources and make a difference together.

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