Grow your own 5-a-day – from just 10sq meters

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

The Royal Horticultural Society together with Burgon & Ball, renowned manufacturer of garden tools and equipment, have devised a plan to grow enough fruit & veg to meet the “5 a day” guidelines for two people, or 2 a day for a family of five...from just 10m2 of raised bed planters.

By carefully selecting the most productive varieties and using the principles of the ingenious 'Deep Bed' method, plants can be spaced more closely so a planting area can achieve yields up to 400% greater than more traditional methods. Burgon & Ball's Home Allotment® Raised Willow Planters can replicate the deep bed conditions and have many other benefits of growing above ground – such as increasing the amount of light reaching the plants.

Using a series of Burgon & Ball Planters to accommodate almost 50 different varieties of the Nation's favorite fruit and vegetables, the 5-a-day Garden is both attractive and incredibly space-efficient.

To compliment this stunning garden an information packed wall chart is available to help families achieve their goals by becoming self sufficient in fruit and vegetables and living the 'Good Life'.

The 5-a-day Garden provides fresh and nutritious food, with no additives or preservatives, excess food miles or unnecessary packaging! It's simple, fun and immensely rewarding and very, very tasty.

The RHS has be nurturing a half scale version of this unique, edible and healthy '5-a-day garden' at the RHS Plant Center in Wisley and the full sized version can be seen in all it's glory at the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2010.

Visitors to the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2010 and/or RHS Wisley can pick up a FREE '5-a-day Garden' planting guide, full of advice and instructions on how to schedule plan ting to maximize the potential of each planter.

Those that cannot make the show can download the planner from

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