Israel demands sharing of data of all EU citizens

Move blocked by Ireland's veto

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Brussels/Strasbourg, EU: In the middle of the month of July 2010 the EU was considering in session a request, or should we call a spade a spade and thus call it a demand, from the State of Israel, to be given access to the data of all EU citizens “for reasons of security of the State”.

The only country in the EU willing to stand against this, it would appear, was the Republic of Ireland (Eire) and whose veto, thanks be to G-d, has put an end to this; but only for the moment, I should guess.

What valid security reasons could we think of that would give the State of Israel right to ask or demand access to the data of each and every citizen of the European Union?

None, as far as I can see, but we seem to be getting such weird requests from the state that recently committed an act of piracy on the high seas where nine people were murdered by government terrorist in the uniforms of the IDF.

Rumor has it, and I say rumor, for I have no further proof as to this, that the United States has begun making data on all its citizens available to the State of Israel in a supposed data share.

Those states that enter such a “data sharing” agreement will very soon find, as always with Israel, that it will be a one-way street with data being accessed by them but access denied to most stuff that the FBI or the CIA would like to have a look at.

There is no legitimate reason for any country to have the data of all the citizens of another country just handed over in one lump and then be allowed updates to such data as well, not Israel, not any other.

Apparently the US gets a lot of data of the citizens of the UK handed on an ongoing basis and that too is a total anathema to me and should be thus to any freedom loving person in this country and elsewhere.

It is bad enough that your own government can get its hands on all that personal information of each and every individual citizen and resident in the country. But foreign powers to be able to peruse such data should be a total NO! NO!

We must stand up for our freedoms before we suddenly find that we have lost them all – in “the war on terror”.

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