Wind industry welcomes climate change report

Wind industry welcomes climate change report

BWEA, the UK’s leading renewable energy trade body, today welcomed the publication of the Climate Change Committee’s first report Building a Low Carbon Economy.

The report explains the case for the new 80% emissions reduction target and recommends the level for the first three national carbon budgets under the Climate Change Act.

The report also highlights the vital role that renewable energy will play over the next decade in tackling climate change. It stresses that wind power can deliver 30% of the UK’s electricity supply by 2020 and be part of a radical decarbonisation of the economy by 2030.

Maria McCaffery MBE, BWEA Chief Executive, said “Renewable energy is not a luxury item. Without a dramatic change in the way we use and produce our energy we will not stop climate change.”

The CCC calls for a 34% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020, at the cost of less than 1% of GDP growth. The report recognises that higher renewable costs would be just one part of the impact, with greater spending on renewables offset by savings elsewhere. There are currently 3GW of installed wind schemes operating in the UK today, but a further 20GW are already at one stage or another of development.

McCaffery added “By 2020 there could be over 30GW of wind energy installed in the UK. This report should help to lay to rest the misconceptions and misinformation about the role and viability of wind power over the next decade and beyond.”

Source: BWEA