Social Media Campaign Provides Tools to Untangle the Mess of Power Cords Strangling Consumer Electronics; Complements New ‘One Plug, One Planet’ Blog

SAN RAMON, Calif. (December 2008) – Tired of wrestling with that rat’s nest of power cords enveloping your electronics gear? Green Plug’s got just the site for you -- – and it launched on December 16.

Green Plug, the first developer of digital technology enabling real-time collaboration between electronics devices and their power sources, has organized I Want My Green Plug (IWMGP), an online movement with a clear goal: to let consumer electronics companies hear the voice of the people. At the site, consumers can select the CE product they’d most like to “Green Plug-enable” – and, collectively, let manufacturers know that they’re at the ready, eager to buy compliant brands that deliver convenience and eco-friendliness.

Green Plug is the first green technology company to apply two-way digital communication to convert a universal power source to a device’s specific power requirements. Highly efficient, stylish DC power hubs enabled with Green Plug’s Greentalk™ digital protocol are able to simultaneously power multiple devices, each with its own specific voltage and power requirements. Green Plug technology minimizes solid waste by enabling consumers to keep their chargers for use with future devices after their current devices have become obsolete.

“By submitting their ‘vote’ with one click, people across the web are sending a powerful, positive message to the consumer electronics industry — they’re saying, ’I’m ready to buy products that are green and hassle-free,’” said Frank Paniagua, Jr. CEO and founder, Green Plug. “They’re voting for an end to power cord chaos, for open standards and for practical solutions that eliminate the need for multiple power adapters for consumer electronic devices. At the same time, they’re voting against waste -- and taking concrete action to help the environment.”

Beyond the ability to vote, includes social tools for sharing with friends, embedding a widget on a blog or web site, bookmarking it on social sites, joining IWMGP groups on social networks, and following the Green Plug blog for updates and news announcements.

“Whether your device has a battery or not, if it uses external DC power adapters -- like notebook PCs, cordless phones, digital picture frames, wireless routers, cordless power tools, cell phones, remote control toys, printers and even portable electric razors -- the ‘I Want My Green Plug’ campaign is your way of letting CE companies know that you care,” Paniagua said. “The time for this common sense solution is now.” In the United States alone, nearly 1 billion power adapters end up in landfills every year.

"Everyone agrees the power model is broken and this is the most positive, constructive way to fix it,” he said. “We’re calling on consumers to unite around the emerging Green Plug standard, enabling a single external power supply to power any DC-powered product, a move that is as vital for manufacturers and utilities as it is for consumers -- and for the planet.”

Green Plug is the first developer of digital technology enabling real‐time collaboration between electronic devices and their power sources, allowing manufacturers to standardize on one universal power connector and eliminate environmental waste. Consumer electronics, residential and commercial builders, power tools and power supply manufacturers license Green Plug’s embeddable power supply technology to provide universal and safe connections, promote environmentally friendly reuse, make their products more affordable, and generate customer loyalty. For the company’s thoughts on universal power for consumer electronics, please visit

Green Plug, headquartered in San Ramon, Calif., is privately held.

Source: Edge Communications, Inc.