‘GOT-A-BAG’ - Product Review

by Michael Smith

Taking our own shopping bags to the supermarket is now becoming normal, once again. I remember when people went shopping all had their own bags. In my childhood there were no such things as plastic carrier bags, whether free or not.

Bringing your own shopping bag along is fine when your shopping trip is planned in advance. The problem is, however, that when you just pop into a store to pick up a few items on the way home or such, your reusable shopping bags are more often than not, left at home. Not much good there, are they? You need them with you. Maybe it would be a good idea if one would have a couple of reusable tote bags in the car.

This again mean that you'd have to be using you car when you pop into the shop to get something. But what if it is when you are just out for a stroll, you are on your way home from work by bus or train or such? Then you of often end up leaving the store with a plastic carrier.

Never forget your bag again with ‘Got-A-Bag’. ‘Got-A-Bag’ folds up so small, that it actually fits into the credit card slot of your purse or wallet. It is designed to do so. Yet so incredibly strong, it will give a long & useful life, replacing as many non-biodegradable plastic carriers as possible. And when it’s time finally comes, they too can be fully recycled of course.

‘Got-A-Bag’ is easy to fold away too, thanks to its patented built-in folding form, says the write up, and it is definitely true. I have tried it.

The ‘Got-A-Bag’ is available in over 40 fabric colors and with a large 25cm X 25cm print area, GOT-A-BAG can even be printed full color, ensuring suitability for every promotion & regular exposure of your logo, message or brand.

Being unisex, GOT-A-BAG is discreet & far more likely to be used by men who might not normally choose to have an alternative folding type bag about their person.

Ironically, a recycled bag that is not with you when needed, is actually a WASTE of resource!

We have all forgotten our recycled or cotton bags at times and ended up using a plastic carrier instead. And besides, most 'green' bags are just much too bulky to keep with for those unscheduled shopping trips...

'GOT-A-BAG' however is always with you, as it slots into your wallet or purse and so, can replace far more plastic carriers as a result.

There is only one drawback with this and that is that the 'GOT-A-BAG' is not available by retail and is a promotional give-away and marketing item. This means that, alas, you can't just pop into your local green store and just buy one. Well, loet's say “not yet”.

So, I call here on all environmentally conscious companies and especially also the green stores. Contact Fling Promotions Ltd and get them for your customers, either as a branding and marketing exercise or as an item to sell. Your call.

© M Smith (Veshengro), December 2008