Chico Bag Vita – Product Review

by Michael Smith

I recently had the opportunity to review the original Chico Bag, which was, as you may remember, from a different source than the manufacturers, Chico Bag, Inc., itself.

However, after having sent the good folks at Chico Bags, Inc. the link to the review on the journal here I have been asked whether I would like to also receive a sample of the Chico Bag Vita, the larger version, and larger it certainly is.

The Chico Bag Vita indeed is a large shopper and the nice thing is that its handles are so big that you can put it over your shoulder. This makes it a very useful bag indeed and, despite its size, the genie is easily put back into the bottle, so to speak.

I must say that Chico Bag – and no, no one is paying me for this (hint, hint) – seems too be the easiest one to get back into its carrier, in this case a small stuff sack.

Once again I thought that it might be a problem, especially seeing that the bag is rather quite a bit bigger but no, no problem; one just has to keep stuffing it in.

I must say that I am impressed with the ease that the Chico Bags can be put back into their little stuff sacks, and I would like to add here that I do not impress easily.

One thing I would like to say and that is that I would not want to try to carry the weight that is specified for the Chico Bag Vita in it, as that is just not something I would want to carry in one hand and not even on my shoulder. I often enough carry stuff that is about half of that weight in bags on my shoulder and it is no fund doing so.

Let's face it though. The Chico Bags, of whichever size, while they may be specified to be able to take the certain given weight it does not mean that you will have to put that much in them. The bags have been thought of as something that you have on you at all times so that you have a reusable shopping bag for as and when you decide to pay a quick visit to the shops; doing away with the need to taking a free plastic carrier or two from the shop.

© M Smith (Veshengro), December 2008