Snapple® Lemonade Bottle to Reusable Water Bottle

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

SnappleBottle2.1Those bottles (and there are also others), a valuable resource, are routinely tossed away by people without as much as a second thought, are the ideal candidates for upcycling into reusable water bottles.

Yes, glass is breakable but all that is required is a “cozy” of sorts to lessen the problem of accidental breakage.

I was lucky to find a – lost – thick toweling “cozy” originally used for protecting golf clubs (the things you swing not where you swing them).

A cozy will also, to some degree, insulate the bottle and thus keep your water in the bottle cool for some time.

By upcycling such a bottle into a reusable water bottle for your own use you not only save money but also resources and if you can encourage others by your example to think different about waste and to do likewise more can be achieved still.

Using upcycled things makes a statement about your attitude and commitment towards the environment, the Planet and waste and sends a clear message to the world.

Reuse Recipe


1 off Snapple® (or similar) glass bottle

soapy water for cleaning and removing label

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