Wildlife Wall

Garden Wildlife WallMany beneficial garden insects, such as ladybugs and ground beetles, struggle to find habitats in our neat gardens. Consider creating an attractive wildlife wall to lure them in and keep them happy.

Excerpted from How to Grow Practically Everything

When to Make: Spring or summer
At Its Best: Winter
Time to Complete: 4 hours

Materials Needed:

  • Sedum or Sempervivum plants
  • bricks (with holes in them)
  • small blocks of wood, drilled with different sized holes
  • roof tiles
  • sheets of plywood or planks of wood
  • straw, corrugated cardboard, slate chippings, bamboo canes, clumps of moss, twigs
  • soil

Construct the Wall

In a quiet area of the garden, make a layer of bricks and tiles, leaving plenty of gaps. Place plywood or planks of wood on top and then add another layer of bricks and tiles. Top the structure off with the roof tiles, to keep excess moisture out.

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