Liquid Detergent Bottle Flower Vase

Reuse/Upcycling Recipe

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)


  • Empty liquid detergent bottle of appropriate shape (HDPE/HDPP)

  • Knife or craft knife; strong scissors

Liquid detergent bottles (they contain liquid detergent but are not liquid) are, more often than not made of HDPE1 or HDPP2 and are fairly strong. It is, therefore, a shame to waste such kind of resources when it is possible to make useful things out of them.

Not all of those bottles are of the same shape as the Sainsbury's own brand that I, generally, obtain simply for the fact that I tend to use that particular brand of detergent.

Many other products too come in those strong plastic bottles which just as to be upcycled into something new. OK, but back to the vase from this kind of plastic (detergent) bottle.


Left to right: bottle as it comes, bottle marked for cutting, finished vase

In the photo montage I am showing how easy it is to make a vase from such a bottle in a few simple steps with but a few simple tools; a vase, in my opinion, good enough to sell even.

© 2014

1High Density Polyethylene

2High Density Polypropylene