The More, The Bigger

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Ever since about the mid to end 1970s – in the America probably somewhat earlier – the notion of more and bigger has set in. ever more possessions, ever bigger homes, ever bigger cars, became the “must have” in order “to be someone”.

fromthistothisHomes have gone from two-to-three bedroom houses or apartments to five bedrooms and larger, ever larger living rooms, now more often than not called lounges, too; ever bigger and more cars per household; bigger TVs, etc.

In some cases there appear to be more cars on the driveway than there are actual drivers in a household and TVs now are in every bedroom and the kitchen even.

As far as I am concerned people seem to have gone crazy and have been afflicted with some sort of virus. Almost everyone is looking for ever bigger cars, 4x4 SUVs, in the middle of the city and for what?

A 4x4 truck is fine and excusable if you happen to live in the stick, in the boonies, but in the city? No! It is all nothing but status symbol and if you haven't got an equally big car than the neighbors you maybe, folks things, are going to be looked down upon. Really?

Have we really sunk that low that where the kind of home you live in, as in size, the kind of car that you drive, and the amount of gadgets that you have, determines what people think of me, and not what kind of character I have? Maybe, if that is the case, we need to have the strength to stand up to it with an attitude of not caring about it at all.

When a person's value is measured on his or her job, financial status, kind and size of home, size and type of car, etc. rather than character and such then something is so very wrong with society that it must be changed totally and completely; it is broken to such an extent that it cannot be fixed. And that is the way our society is today. Time to tear it down, recall true values, and start again over.

© 2014