The pathology of capitalism

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

komunismus-640x400If we but look at how those that have become detached, so to speak, the homeless and the unemployed, which were created by this automated, money-centered market has first created and then discarded, are seen and treated as parasites and when people watch those that have nothing starve or freeze to death we are looking into the face of the pathology of capitalism.

A hegemonic, psychopathic indifferent social character establishes itself (everywhere). People are losing or have lost all empathy and it is but for them a race to the top regardless of who they destroy on the way. The are furiously running around in the hamster wheel without realizing that whatever they do and however many others the “eliminate” on the way, they too will never reach the height of wealth that they are aiming for. The goalposts are being moved continuously. Life is a journey and not a competition, whatever capitalism and its elite would like to make us believe.

We don't have to fear any global warming of the Earth. The social ice age is going to kill us all first. People have become so very cold towards their fellow men and towards all other creatures that on Earth do dwell, that this ice age is already upon us. The capitalist system today especially seems to be harsher than it was even at the time of the Russian Revolution almost a hundred years ago. At least then people still had some empathy towards others that were downtrodden by the system. Today we have, the majority at least, become so conditioned via government propaganda through the media that anyone who is poor, homeless, on any kind of welfare, etc., has only got him or herself to blame and anyone out of work is considered to be too lazy to work and thus not worthy of any help, whether from government or other sources. None ever seem to stop and think that in the capitalist system – especially the new neoliberal version of it – they could find themselves in exactly that selfsame position some day. Out of work and down on their luck. They believe, however, that it will not and cannot ever happen to them because they are running like made in said hamster wheel. Faster and ever faster without seemingly getting anywhere but believing that happiness and riches are just around the next corner.

We are captives of a civilization system that more or less compels us to go on destroying the Earth in order to live. We must break out of this system that is our jail and change the system if we, as a species, want to survive, and live as we are meant to live.

© 2016