European Union Parliament votes for a European Army

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

EUArmyNot so long ago when this was being muted by some of us we were being defamed as conspiracy theorists and such, and even in some of the British “mainstream” media after the BREXIT vote and once again we have been proven right, it would seem.

On Thursday, November 24, 2016, the EU Parliament approved the establishment of the so-called European Defense Union. While it may, actually, not be called an EU Army, or European Army, but a European Defense Union it is nothing but an Army and not defensive but offensive – in more words than one – in the same way as NATO was never designed to be a defensive organization but one geared for attack.

An, lo and behold, even the German left party, the one that claims to have its roots in the SED which then became the PDS, Die Linke, is backing this nefarious plan for a European Army, or so it would appear. If that is the case then the Die Linke has shown that it is no longer – if it ever was – grounded in socialism and communism but that it is, like all the others, a neoliberal outfit.

One of the proponents and advocates in that party for an EU-Army appears to be a man called Stefan Liebich who claims in his Wikipedia entry that he was approached at age thirteen by the Ministry of State Security (Ministerium fuer Staatssicherheit - MfS) to work for them (later) as an official operative. He is an active Member of the Atlantik-Brücke, and he is also a member of the Bundesbeauftragter für die Stasi-Unterlagen (BstU). That all should explain a lot, not just about him but of where the supposedly socialist party, Die Linke, is actually located.

The idea for an EU Army, aka Defense Union, is not new and has been stalking the corridors of Brussels for many years. Until now, however, it would appear that Britain managed to block and stifle any advancement of this idea. Those that always voted with Britain in the European Parliament against this now, after the referendum in the UK for leaving the EU seem to have gone a different route and, it would appear, they are gleefully rubbing their hands that the country that used to be throwing spanners into the works of this has now got virtually no say anymore.

Aside from the fact that this so-called European Defense Union is, more or less, a duplication of NATO, but with a couple of fewer members, it will cost the taxpayers in the EU member states, no doubt, dearly and that on top of the costs of stationing US and other NATO country forces in the various countries.

Not that the ordinary pleb in those countries had any say in the decision for the establishment of such a standing European Army. They were kept out of the loop entirely, as is the common practice of EU democracy, where the elite decides, and not the people of the member states, now, more or less, degraded to nothing more than EU regions. The serfs are just the ones allowed to pay with money, sweat and ultimately blood.

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