Start “adulting school” when your kids are young


Nobody should have to figure out these basic life skills as adults. Better to start teaching them from a young age.

You’ve probably heard the word “adulting” if you’ve spent any time on the Internet in the past year. Despite the obvious annoyance that it’s a noun being used as a verb (this writer takes issue with that), it’s a cute moniker for (a) acting like an adult, or (b) trying to get someone to act like an adult.

Why does this word even exist? Well, my fellow Millennials have developed a rather unfortunate reputation for not being able to function as whole adults. We may look like adults and do adult things, but there are many things we’re clueless about – things that, in the traditional definition of adulthood, we really should know how to do. This could be changing a tire, fixing a broken window, budgeting and saving money properly, cooking dinner from scratch, or filing papers.

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