Thompson & Morgan Garden Essentials

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

T&M Garden Essentials PackFrom Thompson & Morgan, well renown for seed and plants, a new offering has entered the market, so to speak, and the way those Garden Essentials are packaged it what makes them rather unique.

They come in packages the size of those often used by Thompson & Morgan and others for beans, for instance, which means they are about double width of an ordinary pack, and thus makes it possible for the retailer to display them on the same display racks as, well, packets of seeds.

While this may be considered a way to get gardeners at a seed stores or garden centers to purchase things they might not actually have wished to buy but on the other hand it also makes it easy to remember the things that one might need, though may be not at this very time, thus saving another trip.

I do not, unfortunately, have details as to the entire range but included in it are small gardening scissors, gardening snips, copper slug tape, water wizard, garden string, raffia string, and others.

A positive thing about the way those products are packaged is also that those “seed packets” in which they come are paper and thus biodegradable.

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