The Enemy

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Towards_the_Dawn1Workers, your enemy is not the worker from Poland, from Lithuania or Romania; your enemy is global and national capitalism.

Not only is the capitalist, is capitalism, your enemy; he and it is also the enemy of the other workers and, worst of all, he and it is the very enemy of peace.

Capitalism carries war within itself like the clouds carry the rain. The capitalist system is incapable of functioning without perpetual war, in one form or the other; war against the working class at home and abroad, and war against other nations and people in the pursuit of sources of raw material or markets or what the Nazis called “Lebensraum” and the main engine of the capitalist economy is the military-industrial complex.

The great majority of the working class, however, allows itself to be brainwashed to believing, and this is not a new phenomenon for already Robert Tressell in “The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists” explained this, that the foreigners, workers from other countries, or traders, are not the enemy of the working class at home, as was believed and vehemently asserted by others.

The enemy of the worker and the working class is and remains capital, capitalism and the capitalists and not the workers from other lands. Just because they are prepared to, unfortunately, often work for lower wages than is the norm, as to them that money appears to be a great deal more than what they could earn at home, does not make them our enemy. Alas, that is the way they are perceived by the working class of our country (and here the word country can as well refer too the USA or Germany as to the UK) bue to the brainwashing by the wrong kind of media, the media which is not on the side of the workers but on that of the exploiters. This is, alas, the great majority of the media in our respective countries, despite the amount of different titles only owned by a little more than a handful of people worldwide, who are but fascists at heart.

They are the enemy of the working class and not workers from other parts of the world, and also our own governments are our enemy. They, who cut the public services to the bone and further, especially in Britain in the second decade of the 21st century, pushing everything towards privatization, hospitals, street care, parks, etc. and selling off the family silver to destroy everything that once was gained through hard battles fought.

© 2016