Bumblebee Rescue

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

bumblebee_rescueAt this time of year many of us may encounter exhausted bumblebee queens crawling about on the garden patio, or on a path in a park or countryside, or even a garden path. And it would appear that year by year we are seeing more of this.

It is very easy to help those poor little fuzzy friends. Carefully lift them up on a piece of papers. The mix half a teaspoon of sugar in some lukewarm water and offer this to the bee on a spoon.

Within a couple of minutes the bumblebee can, by means of its proboscis, refuel itself by drinking almost drink up a third of a teaspoon full.

If you happen to meet a bumblebee queen in distress at this time of year and help her you not only help one of our fuzzy friends and helpers but you aid in the creation of an entire bumblebee colony. And all that for the sake of a few drops of sugary water.

© 2016