Tiny House-Hoods

Portland, OR Apparently Has A Bad Homeless Problem. The Mayor’s Solution? Tiny House-Hoods.

About half a year ago, the mayor of Portland, OR, Charlie Hales, decided to clear out the homeless campsites on public spaces. To his surprise, he found that compassion still exists in the heart of the community, and a mob of angry protesters (literally) descended on city hall with lit torches. Apparently, this Frankenstein-worthy scene seemed to shock the mayor to his senses.

Mayor Hales changed his strategy by choosing a route that would actually help people get back on their feet. His solution? Tiny House-Hoods (which is totally our name for them, not his). It’s a project that aims to create tiny houses for people making less than $15,000 a year.

Hales teamed up with Multnomah County Chairwoman, Deborah Kafoury to get the initiative underway. As Kafoury has stated, “Before people can get back on their feet and take advantage of job training and drug and alcohol counseling, they need a place to live.”

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