Britain playing the Magna Carta as rights for all

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Magna_charta_cum_statutis_angliae_p1Trying to claim that the 800 years of Magna Carta gave any freedoms to the British people and being the foundation to democracy is a lie, and that is no lie.

Magna Carta and the subsequent Bill of Rights were never intended to do anything for the ordinary British people but was (and still really) for and applies to the aristocracy. The fact that those rights were extended as privileges to the ordinary people makes no difference in that.

Privileges are not rights and rights are not granted by any monarch or government but are unalienable and thus can neither be given nor taken away. We are born with them, such as the right to life, and others. Theoretically anyway. On the other hand privileges can be granted but also can be taken away again just as the Home Secretary said as regards to the so-called Freedom of Speech.

This so-called Freedom of Speech everyone, almost, seems to believe to mean the freedom to say almost anything without impunity as long as it is not slander and such. However, in reality, Freedom of Speech never applied to the general public but only to the Members of the Houses of Parliament and that only in the confines of the House and was granted to them so that they could not be had for treason should they say anything against the monarch.

Time and again the British government, politicians, the media and some others, keep mentioning a British constitution – based on the Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights – but the truth of the matter is that Britain does not – repeat does not – have a constitution, period. It is all but smoke and mirrors to lull the British public to sleep believing that they have a democracy, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The political system in Britain is also referred to as a “constitutional monarchy” but without an actual constitution this is rather a fallacy and more precise a lie. Britain is a monarchy that happens to have a parliament, but has no, repeat no, constitution.

On top of that the British people are nowadays referred to, also a fallacy, as British citizens. The truth is, regardless of what the government has declared, a British person is and remains a “subject of his or her majesty” and please check want the word subject in this context means.

So, let's all wake up and see this entire celebration of the Magna Carta and the supposed right of the British people emanating from it for what it really is, namely a face to make the people believe that they are free and that they live in a democracy. Neither of it is the case.

The British people are subjects of the crown and thus not free and Britain is not a democracy for the people do not actually rule themselves. It is as simple as that. But then again neither are the American people free and they neither govern themselves, so also no democracy, not even a true republic, even though they have a constitution. Smoke an mirrors everywhere and the people believe just because they have been given the “privilege” to vote themselves a new set of masters every five years or so they have a democracy and a free.

We need, and not only in Britain, a new system. A system where people will rule or govern themselves or, as another meaning of the Greek word “democracy” puts it, where they pull the cart themselves. And where all people are equal and have and equal share and where also the Planet is taken care of.

© 2015