Evangelical Church says that men who cook can become gay

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

The Evangelical Pentecostal Revival Church, based in Chile, made a rather radical, and may I add stupid, announcement claiming that men who cook are "sick" and are in danger of developing homosexuality.

This position and stance of the church was posted on Facebook, where it was clearly stated that “homosexuality is a disease that men can develop by engaging in practices that were once considered the sole responsibility of women.”

The statement on social media said further that “a man cooking, caring for children or performing any other own work of women puts himself at serious risk of becoming ill with homosexuality.”

These controversial claims, part of an invitation from a member of the “church” to followers to participate in an educational Christian seminary entitled "Learning about homosexuality" in which he detailed how engaging in activities that once were considered the sole domain of women can make men ill until they become gay.

After receiving a barrage of criticism, the message was unpublished by the account managers, who also issued an apology. However, the removal of the post and the “apology” does not alter the fact that that is what they, and not only they, believe and actually teach.

According to those reckonings every cook (chef) through the ages – for cooking on a grand scale was once solely the domain of men, every tailor, and others, must have been gay then. Just saying, for even if they were what does it matter.

Sometimes I have to say I do not know from what planet those so-called Christians have dropped and what they are smoking.

To be perfectly honest I don't really care what planet it is they have come from just could they please take the next flight back to there and stay there and take the stuff that they are smoking with them, please, for it seems a rather harmful substance.

Those people have the gall to call other people from other religions fundamentalists while believing that they themselves have gobbled up the truth and knowledge with shovels.

The Evangelical Pentecostal Revival Church in Chile, and its members, are not, however, the only ones who are in this same boat. It is a rather large cruise liner, to stay with the shipping analogy, and not just a small boat for there appear to be thousands upon thousands who have similar views in the USA and elsewhere. Those people are capable to read things between the lines of the Bible and thus seem to come up with things entirely different to the rest of us when reading the same texts that they read. Amazing, isn't it?

In addition to that many of the “elders” of such “churches” will also claim that in order to understand the Bible one has to study it in Bible Groups of the “church” where one gets the texts explained. Sheeple control at its best. Apparently only those that have the right spirit can interpret the scriptures and thus indoctrinate the sheep.

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