DIY Raised Planter Stand


If you have enough free space in your garden it would be a pity to waste it. The ideal way to use that space is to plant something, but that would be a lot of work and maybe even some future troubles. So in order to avoid that, you can make a raised planter that will help you organize your garden in a more efficient way. To build such a planter you will need: treated lumber, 55 gallon juice drum and lots of tools (hammer, drill, screws, saw, etc.).[Read all details step by step in the link below]. First you will be making the place for the drums, by making a support for them. Create wooden legs for the support to stand on, in order to assure extra stability to your structure. Once every piece is done, connect them and assemble the planter. Install the drums and create holes for drainage. After that you can start planting, just make sure to water your plants regularly and protect them from pests.

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