Question everything

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Think for yourselfWe live in an age where people, to a large extent, have become rather gullible once again, believing everything the governments and media tell them.

Before the so-called enlightenment it was the church that could not be questioned – at pain of death, literally – and whatever the church said was believed and had to be believed and under feudalism it was the same.

Then came the so-called enlightenment and “modernity” and people began to question of what they had been told and what they were being told by leaders, church, state and the newspapers.

For some strange reason, however, ever since around World War Two people have become lethargic again in that department and more and more they take as gospel everything they hear and read and see on television, mostly without questioning. This is, obviously, exactly what the powers-that-be (and who should not be) want and it is a bad thing for sure.

Not that the belief in authority and the need for it and for government and state had ever really gone away. However, many people, especially also during the 1960s to about the 1980s had become more prepared to question what they were being told and many did rebel and question. Still though it was but a minority.

More people than for a long tine before now already appear to have become statists with the belief that government has all the answers and everything that the government pushes out through the media must be true, even to such an extent that they seriously believe that government would not lie to them. Yikes! And people really believe this, I kid you not.

The government and the media lie to us day in day out and the great majority of the media, owned by just a few wealthy families, are totally beholden to the government and thus put out the message that the government wants the people to hear and to believe.

Question not just what you are told but wonder what is being hidden while something is being pushed beyond the limit, so to speak. When the media keep pushing something like a doge worrying a bone then you must ask as to what they are not telling us; what bad news is being buried during that time.

But there are also so-called alternative media out there that push a hidden agenda and the question with them has to be, as with the “official” media channels as to who pays the piper and why this or that lie or half-truth is being peddled. But first you have to learn discernment and learn to recognize when something does not add up. Always do your own research and get your information from both sides of the divide and then take the middle ground.

Government and the powers-that-be have known for a very long time what power there lies in newspapers and other media and that was the very reason that the Nazis made so heavily use of radio, created a single broadcast entity, and made the listening to foreign radio stations a crime. The media is a great propaganda tool for the governments and many media outlets knowingly or unknowingly participate in the propaganda war on behalf of the powers-that-be.

It is therefore extremely important to question absolutely everything and not to take everything that you come across anywhere, whether official or unofficial media, as gospel; not unless you yourself have researched it and ensured yourself of the truth or the opposite.

Don't believe that just because they say so that it also is going to be so. The most important thing is to read alternative sources and especially to read books on all manner of things, including historical and dystopian novels such as, for instance, George Orwell's “1984”. That book especially will open your mind, as well as Huxley's “Brave New World” as to the capabilities the governments have and what they may be aiming at. But don't just leave it at that. Read to free your mind and to learn to question. And always question authority. Question especially authority and especially how they claim to have that authority they wish to exercise over you.

© 2015