Cruise ship passengers cause lobster issue along UK coast

 Good-hearted cruise ship passengers who think themselves heroes for "freeing" lobsters by throwing them overboard off the coast of the United Kingdom are in fact threatening the local fish and lobster population.

Local lobster harvesters from Yorkshire have been catching a species of lobster called 'homarus americanu', which are native to the Atlantic coast of North America, reports Yorkshire Post. The foreign lobster are apparently being brought over by 'lobster heroes' on cruise ships.

The altruistic greenies who attempt to save the lobster, however, do not take into consideration that the Canadian lobsters on board are in fact completely foreign to the area near Yorkshire where they are being found, and may now be posing a threat to the indigenous eco-system around the UK coast, reports Huffington Post.  
Mike Cohen, from the Holderness Fishing Industry Group, says it is most likely that the the lobsters are getting thrown overboard from cruise ships. He told Daily Mail that people buy lobster for dinner on the ships, feel sorry for it and then ask the waiter to chuck it over board.

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