London New Year Fireworks for the rich only

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

FireworksFor the first time in its history the New Year's fireworks in London were a ticket only affair and anyone without a ticket was not welcome.

Not only do they wish to keep the poor away from London altogether as in living there; the poorer classes – the riff-raff – are also no longer welcome at events for which taxpayers' money is being used. Can you say social cleansing?

There was a time, during the GLC under Ken Livingstone especially, when such events were absolutely free and everyone was welcome. Under Boris Johnson things have changed quite a lot and not just as far as such events are concerned.

London, ever since the arrival of the London docklands Destructions Corporation, is intended to be an enclave for the rich only with everyone else to be pushed out of the capital. While not by force, as yet, it is done by inflating the housing and living costs and also by deliberately destroying the social housing stock, the housing estates, and what is left of them, when they are refurbished, after the people have been moved out of the capital, as has happened with the Ocean and the Robin Hood Estates, will be sold off to the elite who can afford them.

Not only are former working class areas of London, such as the Docklands and other East End Boroughs being gentrified; they are deliberately made too expensive for those of the working class to be able to continue living there. And where are they rehoused to? Well outside of London so they do not end up mingling with the rich. In the process also old established communities are deliberately broken up and dispersed just in case the Red disease could have taken root there.

By dispersing the working class in such a way they hope that any social “unrest” will not take place as they no longer have their friends and family and their comrades near them with who to cooperate. And no, comrades, the Labour Party, as it is at present, the Red Tories, would not do it any differently, as that party too is but a party of the establishment and will work for the elite and not against it.

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