Diet Water

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

What advertising gimmick are they going to come up next?

10645287_10152729462893641_4235486364517954553_nWater, is water, is water. It contains no calories, no sugar, and, if you discount the added chlorine, it contains nothing, period.

So how can you have “diet water”? The term “beam me up, Scottie” very much comes to mind here because I think everyone seems to be going crazy and it is time I got myself out of here.

If anyone actually believes that kind of advertising hype then they must seriously get their heads examined for there is something very much wrong with them then.

OK! let's do the reality check again: Water = H2O, that is to say, two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen and that makes this wet stuff that we can drink, that we call water, wasser, aqua, pani, and so on, depending on the language... Simple, with, at source, no additives.

But, as water, especially bottled water, is fast becoming a commodity nowadays they have to sell the stuff at ever higher prices and thus they have to create, now, also “diet water” and the claim, probably, is that it helps weight loss. Well, water does. Any potable, that is to say, drinkable, water. Period! Dosta! Basta! There is no such thing as “Diet Water”. It is a made up advertising gimmick and we do well not to fall for it and rather let them fall (into the abyss, where they belong).

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