Bilboket, the first social network of your neighborhood

BilboketYou know when your run out of sugar or salt and that you are by yourself at home and the first think you think about is going to your neighbor and ask for a little bit of sugar or salt?

Or this one time you had to rush out the door, for any urgency, and you asked your next-door neighbor the typical favor of watering your plants or feed the cat?

Yes. Of course you did at least once.

Our neighbors are people with who we share more than we think: neighbor meeting, little talk in the elevator, anecdotes, favors, and even mad when the technician is late to repair the light of the staircase… In the end, our neighbors are people with who live in community with, people we welcome everyday with a big smile that they always give back even in our worst days.

So, why not create a virtual community for neighbors and extend the radius, not only within your building or neighborhood but also with adjacent areas?

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