Make this school year a greener one

By Georgina from Recycle for Wales

As the end of the summer approaches it’s likely that most parents will be gearing themselves up for the fun experience of dragging their kids around the shops as part of the annual trawl to buy new stationery, school uniform, shoes, bags and lunchboxes for their kids in time for the new school year.

However, in the midst of all this, it’s very unlikely that many will have even entertained any thoughts on how they might help to reduce the amount of waste that is produced as a result of sending them back to school.

But, it’s surprising how easy it is to take a few simple steps to help cut down on the amount of waste that is produced.

If your child takes a packed lunch to school you might want to invest in a lunchbox that’s built to last. Doing so will save you using plastic sandwich bags, foil and cling film - all of which create more rubbish, not to mention the cost. Along the same lines a flask for drinks will cut down on buying individual cartons and work out cheaper in the long run.

The waste saving ideas also transfer through to your weekly shop – ditch the multi-packs and individually wrapped portions, instead, invest in some small Tupperware tubs that fit into a lunch box. Fill them with cheese portions, carrot sticks, chopped up apple pieces even a couple of biscuits as a treat. Less waste and cheaper.

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