The best way for the banks to increase the debt in the world is through war

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

The best way for the banks to increase the debt in the world is through war and every war for the past 200 years at least was fermented and often organized by the bankers and their instigators and partners, among others, the Roman Catholic Church.

The world is at a point of the ponzi-scheme collapse, which is the capitalist system (and even the Soviet Union was, under Stalin and after, state capitalism), and this is why the bankers have created a new enemy in the form of Islam. As there was no longer a real enemy, so they invented one, radical Muslims. Not just invented but actually created by them.

Those Muslim jihadists that they are creating themselves do not realize that they are being used in this big scheme of things intended to perpetuate the rule for the bankers and corporations which, in turn, own and control our governments.

Those bankers may, at this very moment, be organizing a third world war, on such a scale it is unlikely anyone would survive.

The people have but one choice and that is to rebel against this fraud perpetuated by the bankers, corporations and governments and refuse the invented authority of government, taxation, legislation, refuse to be a party to corporation, and join together in poly-centric community, based upon contract. Establish human labor economic systems, based in physical labors, take back the Earth from the small band of clinical psychopaths now destroying it.

There definitely is a small band of psychopaths pulling the strings and destroying the world, but there are Islamic psychopaths too, let there be no doubt about that.

The answer does not lie in any form organized religion but rather in the moral evolution of humanity.

Whatever our religion or philosophy, we need to revere life and nature. We need to have compassion for our fellow humans and for all creatures. We need to realize there is no life or happiness in materialism and stop our rampant consumption and acquisition of stuff that is suffocating this planet.

Most urgently, we have to abandon our use of fossil fuels because that is causing a crisis that threatens our survival as a species. But we must also not fall into the trap of nuclear energy; a path the British government is treading.

We need a new system. A system based on natural law and the an economic system that is resources led and not demand led. A constant economy and not one that is based on continual incessant growth. Out Planet and its non-renewable resources are finite and thus cannot grow and neither, therefore, can the economy.

Already now the developed world is using the resources of several Planets to fulfill demand, a demand that is artificially created by built-in obsolescence in our products and the inability for them to be repaired. This is an unsustainable system and we cannot continue along its path. We must do an about turn and begin to live without our means.

© 2013