Peach, Cherry and Plum pits as cancer cure: I think not

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Do not believe everything that is being circulated on the Internet and not just in this regard.

Recently the photo shown here was posted on various places on Facebook with the claim that the Vitamin B17 contained in the seeds (pits) is a cure for cancer.

312466_401189729963635_996536051_nHowever, those seeds – all bar those of raspberry, strawberry, blackberry and grapes – contain cyanide, some more some less, and thus they are rather toxic. The cure could be a permanent one in that it would kill not just the cancer cells but also the patient.

In fact all seeds of the genus prunus, which includes cherry, apple, plum, peach, nectarine, apricot, and the so-called cherry laurel, contain this poison. Cyanide was the poison of choice for Hitler's SS and secret agents to kill themselves in case of capture and thus it is not, repeat not, a cancer cure that you can simply apply as suggested by a number of places on the Internet.

While there are many natural cures for many ailments, including cancers, be knowledgeable before you consider dabbling with them.

Not everything presented as the truth is the truth and not every conspiracy theory is true. Caner has more to do with diet and lifestyle than with anything else and prevention and regression can be generated by simply eating right.

In the Victorian era, people, especially the working classes, despite what we have been led to believe, were healthier and lived longer than we do today and cancer was (virtually) unknown among them. The richer classes, on the other hand, did die earlier often and did often suffer a number of diseases, including cancer, which can only be attributed to the wrong diet.

Thus it can be safely assumed that cancer is a disease that was, predominately, caused by diet and, later, by the amount of dangerous chemicals that have been and are still being used.

Ever since we are using the wrong fats for cooking, such as margarine (designed as axle grease for wagons) and vegetable oils, which all, at high temperatures become carcinogenic, and this includes olive oil, even and especially extra virgin oil.

Olive oil and such are not used for frying, for instance, in the Mediterranean cuisine but for salads and such. When they fry things they more often than not use animals fats, in the form of butter or lard.

We have been deceived for decades now that using animal fats is bad for us and now several studies have shown what our ancestors have always known.

However, it is also true that we need more vegetables, fresh vegetables, and fruit in our diet, and less meat, and more fish, and it is that kind of diet that was prevalent for the Victorian working classes and they thus were healthier than we are now.

And, no, peach and other such pits are not safe...

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