Buy local and not at the People's Republic of China

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Start this New Year of 2013, although we are already a few weeks in, with a commitment to buy from local craftsmen and -women, seamstress, farmers, etc. We can all help our economy stronger by this simple act.

63619_512681615432733_1778521018_nEvery time that you go to Walmart, or other such outlets, you are supporting only the retail economy and the economy of the People's Republic of China. When, however, you buy from local producers you support local people and the local economy.

Shake the hand that grows your food and the hand that makes your goods

Buy local, from local growers and makers – at least as far as possible – and ideally from them direct. In doing so you support not only the local economy but a family and any employees of that producer.

More and more we are hearing that slave labor, literally, is being used to produce goods for our markets in the People's Republic of China (and prison labor) and other countries, whether Thailand, India, or elsewhere.

Buy local and support localism...

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