Con-Dem govt intends to scrap Natural England

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

In a move clearly intended to weaken effective opposition to the government's plans to allow development of the Green Belt, the Environment Secretary, the one who sounds like something marinaded in vinegar, is considering the merging of Natural England with the Environment Agency.

In a very worrying proposed shift in priorities the report states that Natural England should “support and contribute to the Government's aims and priorities as effectively as possible”, which is clearly at odds with Natural England's original purpose: “to ensure that the natural environment is conserved”.

No one should be fooled into thinking and believing that this has anything to do with efficiency or the effective management of the British countryside. This is all about a government determined to push through its own twisted agenda by whatever means possible.

When it comes to conserving and managing the countryside it's a close run thing as to whether the current bunch of clowns who we allowed to be in charge are more incompetent than the previous bunch of clowns.

When Milliband, the current leader of the so-called Labor Party, was Secretary of State for the Environment he also had nothing but excuses as to why this country was not doing what it should be as regards to renewable energy, for example.

The Cameron-Clegg regime made bold statements when they created the coalition to govern the UK about being the greenest government ever but this can only have referred to being interested in the color of green as far as money is concerned.

Unless the people tell this government where to get off as regards the countryside and its protection, like they did with the proposed sell-off of the Forestry Commission lands then there will be very little left of the Green Belt and the countryside.

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