Russian Karelia aims to shift to alternative energy

Karelia, January 2011: In three years, alternative energy sources are to form the backbone of the region’s energy consumption, Dr. Andrei Nelidov, Head of the Republic of Karelia, said in his New Year’s address.

Self-sufficiency of the alternative energy sources such as peat, waste wood and forest residue will replace the region’s current major imports of coal and fuel oil, on which the region spends “huge money”.

Republic of Karelia (brown) is rich in natural resources. Map:

It will take three years time to prepare the peat fields and get the necessary technology in place, Nedlidov maintained. Finnish technology will be applied in the process. In general, neighboring Finland is a key to the modernization of Karelia.


The alternative energy will also "give a major environmental bonus", added Dr. Nelidov, according to

The republican leader also confirmed that as much as 15 billion RUB will be invested in the reconstruction of 63 small-scale hydro power stations in the region.

Dr. Nelidov, who was appointed regional leader in July 2010, has a background in engineering-economics.


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