Fake Democracy


Why Britain is no true democracy

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Then again there is no such thing as a real democracy for if there were then it would be a real rule by the people and not by an “elected” ruling group.

The British Labor Party is announcing a "clear victory", a "resounding result" and " a sign that people are angry" with the election of Debbie Abrahams to replace the liar Woolas in Oldham as Labor Member of Parliament.

But we must nor forget that the registered voters in Oldham number 72,307 and just 14,718 voted for Labor. That is just 1 in 5 or 20% if you prefer. Which means that 80% of Oldham did not want a Labor MP.

Until we are properly represented, our fake and false and falsified democracy will continue to be unrepresentative, undemocratic and simply minority rule by an elite. It is no democracy where a 4-1 win is still a legally a defeat.

And there are some other "beacons of democracy" that wants to impose real democracy and democratic values on the rest of the world that is not much better than the UK either, namely the USA.

There everybody tries to pretend that the people elect the president but nothing could be further from the truth for, in fact, it is a conclave, much like at the Holy See, only it is called the Electoral College.

I wonder what they study; dishonesty?

While some try to fight the system by not voting - and I held the same belief once - I now believe that I take my right and vote and if we all but could see our way to do it then maybe, just maybe, we would actually get the people we want. If we don't we only get the ones that we deserve...

On the other hand, we must force government, by peaceful means, to give us a proper representative electoral system and, on top of it, maybe an entirely different system of government altogether.

On the other hand maybe, just maybe, we should consider abolishing any form of government by representatives altogether and do it ourselves in a form of Voluntaryism.

The current form of “democratic” government in Britain oes not work and neither does the one in the USA; the one that they want to impose upon places such as Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

There is a proverb in German, which translated means, “don't start cleaning the doorstep of your neighbor until you have swept your own” and this fits rather aptly here.

Once the UK and the USA have given true representation and democracy to its own people then, and only then, have the got a right to, maybe, just maybe, tell others how to run their own affairs.

© 2011