Apple to Pears Folding Pocket Secateurs – Product Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Folding Pocket Secateurs

Apple to Pears Product Code: 420160

Trade only

Folding_Pocket_S_4ce1348f027b6 These secateurs fold down to just 3cm x 9cm and slip into a special pouch. These secateurs will cut through an impressive 15mm stem and hidden inside the handles there are four other useful tools – garden knife, mini saw, weeder and handy-tool. Now available in his and hers options.

Normally folding tools can be a bit of an issue as the handles are more often than not rather uncomfortable. Then again those pocket multi-tools, and these folding secateurs fit into that category and bracket of pocket tool, are not intended for prolonged use, be they Leatherman Tool or whatever make.

However, these secateurs have fairly good scales on the handles which means they handle – pardon the pun – well and are quite comfortable indeed, as far as folding tools go.

While these folding secateurs from Apple to Pears are, indeed, tough enough to cut 15mm diameter seems it would depend on the material as to whether I wanted to do it too often as I tend to gets parts of my hand trapped between the grips. Don't ask me how, but I am good at things like that. The secateurs do look, however, well enough constructed and should stand up fine in the use for which they are intended, They are, though, not a replacement for full-size secateurs in gardening work.

I must say that I have seen and handled a number of different folding secateurs before, as they were and are in use by some local authority park and countryside ranger services and the “Apples to Pears” folding pocket secateurs feel by far superior to all those.

Obviously, like all pocket tools, these folding pocket secateurs are no replacement, as I have said already, for a full size pair when more than a few occasional snips are called for. I would not wish to prune a tree with them or a vineyard for hours and that is also not for what they are intended. They are, however, and that is what they are meant for, great for having on you when pottering around in the garden to dead head flowers as and when you see them at the spur of the moment rather than to have to run back to the shed to get your pruners and also great for doing the kitchen harvest.

These secateurs now come in a his and a hers option with the his one being black and green and the hers version being pink. The his version comes with the black nylon belt pouch while the hers one comes with some plant labels in the box. The his version of the secateurs has 4 mini tools inside the handles, the hers version only two.

While the his version does come with a nylon belt pouch I, personally, find it to be rather a fit for the tool and the nylon material also a little thin and would just rather slip the tool into a pocket. This, however, may also just about be the only slightly negative take of mine on the folding pocket secateurs from Apple to Pears.

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