Garden Hose Organizers

Garden hose organizers – do you really need them?

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

While I know that some people's garden hose is always all over the place and while those organizers that can be bought look very fetching the question is and remains; do you really need them.

Most people don't even get on with the contraptions on their walls, those hose reels, which are directly connected to to the mains tap, as well.

The most practical way that I have ever seen and used is the old car wheel rim screwed to the wall onto which the hose is then coiled. It works, is cheap and can be made to look quite acceptable as well.

While hose organizers, aka hose bowls, come in a variety of colors, designs, and materials and maybe more attractive it is again the question, as to the need.

Some are glazed ceramic, some are copper, both smooth and hammered or aluminum, and some are made from polyethylene plastic.

There are simple designs and classic urn type designs and some hose bowls even have lids.

The concept is simple. There’s a hole for the hose to extend out of and connect to the water spigot. The rest of the garden hose (typically from 50 to 150 feet) stays coiled in the hose bowl ready for use. When you’re finished watering simply coil it back into the hose bowl.

Many hose bowls have drainage holes as well that allow the hose bowl to double as a planter. The hose organizer is a nifty idea that might be worth a try.

But, as said, the same can be achieved with the wheel rim at the wall or with any kind of large bowl kind of thing DIY. There is no need to go out and buy things for the garden each and every time.

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