Political parties, a divisive force

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Regardless of promises and position in the spectrum of left or right (or color), political parties, as soon as they get a taste of and for power, they become corrupted by it.

It is, therefore, imperative that we get away from political parties and the party line that comes with every one of them.

Political parties may have had their place – and I even question that notion to some degree – but today they are much more of a problem than a solution.

While I may be a socialist and communist I am not a member of any party and follow no party line as parties also do nothing to unite the people. They cause division and that, so at least it would appear (to me), is also an intended consequence.

We allow ourselves to be labeled and thus divided and put into boxes instead of working together independently, without such hangups as parties and affiliations, for a better world. It is as if, for some reason, we just want to prevent such cooperation from happening; at least the powers-that-be certainly do want to prevent it.

The labels are “left”, “right”, “center”, center-left”, or whatever else and with it come little drawers into which we are neatly packaged never to associate, by decree often, with those who take a different stance and have a different view.

Political party lines become like religions and are as rigidly controlled by the leadership in the same way as the leaders of organized religions control their “flock” and what they can do, who they can meet and who they can be associated with. It is a “divide and rule” policy in the same way as the powers-that-be play out one people and one country against another.

We have to get away from political parties in the same way as we have to get away from anything else that divides us, otherwise we cannot advance towards peace on this Earth and towards an Earth where we still be able to live.

There is not one political party that has not been corrupted in one way or the other, regardless, as said, of their color and their position in the spectrum, and this more often than not through the donations that they receive from powerful benefactors.

While some of the parties of the working class may not, necessarily, be tainted in this way the corruption of power also occurs when they manage to get into positions of influence and “power” and thus parties are divisive as few other things can be. And they feel threatened when people organize themselves, not into parties but to work together, regardless of background, for peace and for a better world.

And this even more so when those people begin to question what the established “order” and what they are being told by politicians and the media, and begin to research things for themselves and come to their own conclusions.

The people are then painted as being “new right wing”, and as being “brown mystics” and as anti-Semitic when they question the Federal Reserve Bank and its power over the world, because they come to conclusions that upset the status quo and, obviously, the established power structure.

Even when no one mentions the religion or ethnicity of those that hold the reins of the Federal Reserve Bank in New York the accusation of Antisemitism is brought to the fore immediately. Maybe, in this instance, we should ask the accusers as to whether they are the racist ones for suggesting that the heads of that bank as being of a certain religious and ethnic group.

But, whatever the case, political parties have no place in a democracy for democracy is not party rule or a coalition of parties but people rule. Democracy in its true sense means “the people rule (themselves)” and for that it requires the people and not political parties. Political parties are but a hindrance and distraction in true democracy as they give power to something that has no right to power. The power belongs to the people and not parties or a government.

Free people do not need to be governed for is they are governed, that is to say ruled, then they are not free but slaves.

© 2014