How To Turn Your Front Lawn into an Edible Forest Garden | Action in Boise, ID

Boise, IdahoOn Thursday, October 16th the Permaculture Action Tour landed in the front lawn of “the homestead,” a collective house in Boise, Idaho.   Unseen from the street, the backyard hosts an amazing food garden full of kale and delicious red chard, egg-laying chickens, and sheep.

On this day, we brought volunteers to spread the permaculture vision to the entire property surrounding the house, which could be seen from one of Boise’s busiest roadways.

The co-housing community where the Action Day was held is on State Street, a road that sees 40,000 cars pass by a day.  Most drive by without a clue to the beauty and productivity of the backyard gardens that hide behind the normal looking house.  That all changed after the Polish Ambassador came to town!  Over fifty people from the show the night before at the The Bouquet came out to participate in Boise’s Action Day, transforming the front and surrounding lawn of the homestead into a regenerative, food-producing forest garden.

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