Monique Villa: Human stories shine in the new media landscape

F (c) Thomson Reuters Foundation and ReutersJournalists have a responsibility to reflect the world more accurately, believes Monique Villa, CEO of the Thomson Reuters Foundation. But as she tells Lucy Purdy, there is now a resurgence in human-centred stories and media that triggers positive change

No stranger to the thrill of a scoop, Monique Villa’s eyes shine when she speaks of the adrenaline she feels being a journalist. A former news-breaking globetrotting reporter and news agency chief, and now head of the Thomson Reuters Foundation, her career has been fast-paced and varied.

Since being appointed CEO in 2008, Villa has transformed the Thomson Reuters Foundation into a global corporate organisation, leveraging the tremendous power of Thomson Reuters to run programmes that bring about change and empower people across the world. She has been ranked among the world’s 100 most influential people in Business Ethics by Ethisphere and is, above all, a passionate advocate of in-depth journalism. That is, the responsible, human-centred weaving of stories that matter.

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