Decorations for your home from your yard and the outdoors

Find decorations for your home in your yard and the great outdoors

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

decorations_from_your_yard You don’t have to buy fancy paper lanterns or tasteful art for your next get-together. Beautiful decor can be found right outside your door. Cut tall grasses and place in a vase. Fill a glass jar with rocks and top it off with a candle. If you’re a gardener then it’s time to harvest those blooms! Use your old mugs or glass stemware for display.

Old glass jars from coffee or whatever else can make great display vases for it is the flowers or grasses in the vase that are the display and not the vase, per se.

Tall grasses and certain kinds of twigs also make for another kind of great display and even feathers of rooster and pheasant can make great pieces of decoration.

The great outdoors and your own yard even can be great sources for decorations for your home, whether to decorate for a party or get together or simply in general. You just need to develop an eye for the many great things that you can use that can be found out there.

Why buy when you can get it for nothing from Nature's own hand?

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